I have decided to Blog

Good Morning!

Today I have decided to start a blog about my favourite pastime - cross-stitching. To me cross-stitching is a great stress reliever.

I intend to use this space record my progress on my stitching projects. I usually work on 2 or 3 projects at a time. For me it helps to alleviate boredom. Although I love to stitch I find working continuously on the same project becomes tiresome after awhile. If I stitch on other projects in between, I find that when I come back to the 1st project I am excited again about stitching on it I suppose this is because the majority of projects I pick take months rather than days to stitch.

Below are pictures of 2 projects I will be working on this weekend. The first one is not very current as I have been working on it quite a bit this week but I have already packed it away to take along for the weekend so I won't take a more current picture until after the weekend. Then 2nd one I haven't stitch on for quite sometime, so I am hoping to make some progress this weekend. I love stitching pictures of wildlife especially birds and wolves.


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