Started 2 Scarves this Weekend...................

and ripped them both out and restarted them again. I started the first one last night and ripped it out this morning. It is the January Mystery KAL with theWhoduknit Yahoo! Group. I joined the group too late for the KAL but I liked the pictures of the completed project some of the members posted so I decided to make one for myself. I am using Bernat - Berella"4" - Tapestry Ombre.

I love the colours in it. The reason I ripped it out is that pattern had me knitting in a way that was contrary to way I was taught. I was taught (by my mother who is an exceptional knitter) to knit the first stitch in a row from the back and to slip stitch the last stitch in the row. This makes
in our opinion a much nicer edge. The pattern called for the first stitch to be slipped and the last stitch to be knitted. I didn't like it so I started over.

The second scarf is the project I picked to go along with the book we are reading in the Whoduknit group - Birthright by Nora Roberts. I will keep the project a "mystery" until it is finished and I have revealed it to the group. The reason I started over on this one is that I read the pattern wrong. (O0ps!!!!!!)

Well, I wanted to get back to my stitching. I will post progress pictures of my cross-stitching and knitting by the end of the weekend. It's a long weekend. Yipee!!!!!!!!!!!!


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