Two busy stitching........

..........too busy to blog. I haven't been here for two weeks. Have so much stitching I want to complete. I am almost finished the 'Mediterranean Terrace'. Here is a current picture:

Although the 3rd part of the 'Back on the Road Again' Mystery SAL by Helga Mandl and Barbara Ana was released last Wednesday I am still working on the 2nd part. The 4th and final part will be released on the 6th of February. Here is a pic of my progress:

This isn't what I usually like to stitch but I am having fun with. I am going to make into a pillow once I am finished. I picked up some fabric for the back last weekend.

I also finished stitching 3 ornaments. I still have to make them into ornaments and I still need to add embellishments to the 'Angeline' Tree. Here are the pics:

I am still knitting dishcloths and on my afghan. I will post pictures of them later.

Take care!


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  1. That Terrace is gorgeous! You are so close to being finished! Oh it's so pretty!