Time for an Update


I haven't been around for awhile. Last weekend I went on a Crafter's Weekend. Most of the ladies I went with were scrapbooking but there was one lady who was quilting and another who was sewing a top for herself. One of my friends also brought her knitting along with her scrapbooking. I alternated between cross stitching and reading. I also brought some knitting but I forgot the needles.

The following are a couple of finishes I had made in the last couple of weeks. The first is a 2nd March Heart (Gencat). I gave away the first one in an Exchange so I made a second one. This time I replaced some of the motifs with Shamrocks. I think it turned out quite nice.

The 2nd piece is by Helga Mandl. I saw it featured earlier this week on her Yahoo! Group site (with Barbara Ana) and just had to have it. I bought it through Creative Poppy. You can download the pattern right after paying. I had to substitute the colours for the Grim Reaper. It called for SSS Witches Brew but I don't have a local source for SSS and I wanted to start stitching on it right away so I used WDW Tapestry. I also changed the colours at the bottom of the robe from DMC 209 to 550 and E211 to E3837. I am going to make it into a door hanger and hang in the trailer.

The following is an update on the "First Robin of Spring. I still have a bit to do on it.


  1. LOL!! OH, Loretta you got me good on the "Hang on I want to finish this stitch". I don't know why, but that made me laugh hysterically..which I needed!! Such an awesome design!!

    Your robin is really beautiful, too!! Mine is almost finished, but I keep putting him down to finish other little "fiddly" things. lol


  2. Your Helga Mandle piece looks great Loretta and I love the robin as well. I;ve just discovered Helga and Barbaras designs and can;t wait to add them to my stash.

    Look forward to more up-dates on your blog.


  3. Love the I wanna finish this stitch one and the bird. Great work