Winter's coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I predicted I didn't blog much over the summer, but I will be trying to do some more now that the temperatures are falling. We will be closing up the trailer in about 3 weeks and I will be home on the weekends. I have done quite a bit of stitching since my last post.

Here are some ornaments I have completed:

These 2 are member only freebies from San-Man Originals message board.

The following is one I stitched awhile back but only recently finished it into an ornament. It is from the The Cross Stitcher magazine (USA) - December 2002. There is a companion piece - a skater, that I still want to stitch.

A stitching friend is making a quilt for a friend of hers that is a reoccurance of breast cancer. I stitch this square for her quilt. It is a freebie from Painted Giraffe Stitchery.

The following is the September heart. Three more to go.

That is all my pictures for now. I will have some more in a day or two.

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