I've been bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't blogged in over a month. I haven't been stitching much either so there hasn't been anything to blog about. At the end of September I took on a new position with Girl Guides and that has proven to be quite a time-consuming position. With that and the fact that my laptop was out of commission for 4 weeks. (I did an update and my computer refused to restart afterwards. Thank goodness, my darling, darling brother was able to get it going again without losing anything stored on my harddrive.)

I do have a desktop computer but it is downstairs and the only time I went on it was to check my e-mail and do the Girl Guide stuff (data entering). The laptop is so much more convenient and I missed it so much.

I started stitching again on the weekend and I should have some pictures to show by the weekend.

Take care all!!!!!!!!!!!


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