I Did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told you I was weak. I signed up for the Papillon Creations Mystery SAL yesterday. I paid for both versions (it was cheap enough, I couldn't stand the thought of not having both) but I will definately be doing it with the specialty stitches. I am not sure what fabric I will be using - I will have to purchase something but I have decided to convert the DMC to silk threads. I checked out the site for VC silks and saw that they were offering a conversion but I since I have quite a collection of RG Splendor threads in my stash, I think that is what I will be using. I was perusing their conversion and colour charts a bit yesterday to decide on colours.

HOWEVER, I will not start this project until I finish one of my current projects.

I almost finished CWC's Winter Feeder. I just have a little bit of backstitching, a few french knots to make and some beads and charms to add. It should done before the end of this week.

I finished the ormanent I made for the NH SS exchange. It will probably won't be until December before I will post a picture. I don't want anybody to see it before my SS partner sees it.

Well that's it for tonight!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully next time I will have pictures to post.

Happy stitching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Good for you girl!! I did it too, The first part is so pretty and I adore doing specialty stitches. I got both versions as well...but I'm not making any promises about finishing anything before I start this!! BTW You are not 'weak' you are courageous!! LOL

  2. I bought the speciality stitch version. It is so beautiful! I hope to post pictures soon.

    Can't wait to see you pictures. Doing it with silk sounds lovely!

  3. Lots of folks have signed up for this one, including me LOL

  4. I'm joining you too for this one. Part one is gorgeous. I couldn't resist. I have to order my fabric and then I can begin. Choosing the floral colors is going to be difficult for me. You can bet there will be purple in there. LOL Looking forward to seeing your progress with this. Best stitches sweetie.