Making Friends with the " Frog"

I participated in a St. Patrick's Day Exchange at Needleworker's Haven this month. We had to stitch our partner a "Frog". Below is a picture of the two cuties Glynda stitched for me. They arrived in the mail today. (Probably the first time I have ever welcomed the "Frog" on my doorstep LOL )

She also generously included the following in her package. I am amazed at all the frog items she found. I couldn't find anything when I was looking.

I will post a picture of the "frog", I stitched for her once she has received it.

I was going to work on an UFO this evening but I was so closed to finishing my piece for the Green Theme SAL (NH) so I decided to go for that instead. The following is the result.

Happy St. Patty's Day © 2007 VeeandCo Cross*Stitch and Frames


  1. LOL Great froggie stuff you received!

    I love the St. Patty's Day ornament ~ too cute!

  2. How cute are the frogs! I am not much on "frogs" but Glynda did a great job!

    I also love your Green stitch this month...very cute.