Christmas Tree Stocking

I finished the Christmas Tree Stocking earlier today. I just need to add a ribbon for a hanger. This isn't the greatest photo. It looks like I didn't trim the felt backing but I did. It must be angle I held the camera. (Edited to add: Like I thought, I didn't have enough of the #4 Braid 9194. I had to use some of my Stash. Thank goodness they supplied sufficient amounts of the Silk Mori or I really would have been upset.)

Christmas Tree Stocking - Kreinik Ornament of the Month

I forgot to mention yesterday that Missy included 2 packages of Candy Corn in my parcel that didn't survive long enough to be photographed. Despite the reports I constantly heard on the radio last week that Candy Corn is one of the top ten worst Halloween treats, I love Candy Corn.

Take care!!!!!


  1. What a lovely stocking design, Loretta! I haven't seen that one before...

    I had to laugh because I gulped down Missy Ann's candy corn as soon as I opened her giveaway box--love that stuff even if it is bad for us :)

  2. The stocking is cute. I have never liked candy corn and always gave it away.