Another Year of TUSAL

I am participating in the TUSAL again. Since I am using my little bear jar again, last year's contents were unceremoniously dispose of into the garbage can last night.

This first layer contains orts from a few knitted dishcloths and my current WIPs including a few shiny bits of blending filament used in the CWC 2008 Hummingbird.

I have an "Orts" Baby Boxette to collect my bits and pieces in before I transfer them into the jar.

This is a design by Susan Greening Davis. It can hold a surprising amount of orts and is great for travelling as it packs a lot easier than the jar.

Hoping for another great weekend of stitching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Your orts basket is very cute! I love the buttons at the corner.

  2. What a pity you disposed your last year's orts, I cannot part from them yet. But your jar is just lovely. It's a great idea to use an ort-box. Maybe I can find the time to make one too!

  3. What a great way to contain your orts until you transfer them! I may have to try that.

    I love the peacock design. I bet it's gonna be gorgeous when it's completely finished!