Reading Challenges Update

I thought I would write a little update on my progress with the reading challenges. So far I have completed the Thriller & Suspense Reading Challenge and the Historical Fiction Challenge. I have also done about 3/4s of the Audiobook Challenge - 5 more books and I will have this one completed also. The only one I am running a tad behind on is the the 100+ Challenge. To date I have only read(listen to) 42 books and it is already the middle of August. I am going to have do a lot of reading in the next 4 1/2 months to catch up.

About a month ago I purchased a KOBO e-reader.

So far I love it. I bought it for 3 reasons:

1. I like to borrow ebooks from our online library and reading them on the ereader is so much easier than off of my laptop.

2. Portability - I can carry it in my purse and I always have a book available to read. I read on the way to and from work, the cottage and whenever my DH pops into a store or has a delivery or quick job on the way home from work.

3. The price was right. Like my cellphone I didn't need anything fancy.

Since I bought it I have been finishing more books and it may help me complete the 100+ Challenge.

Currently reading:

Patterns in the Sand - Sally Goldenbaum (hardcover)
Acts of Mercy - Mariah Stewart (ebook)
Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife - Linda Bertoll (audiobook)

Happy Reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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