Day 13, 14, & 15 - Crazy January Challenge 2011

Well, it is Day 15 and here are my starts for the last 3 days.

Day 13 - LHN 2010 Ornament of the Month - Frosty Flakes. I was rather tired that day so I didn't get much stitched.

Day 14 - LHN 2010 Ornament of the Month - Under The Tree. We were able to leave work early on Friday so I managed to get a good start on this one. I also managed to finally take down my tree in the living room and packing away the ornaments. Tomorrow I will be packing my Nutcrackers and the house will back to normal until next Christmas.

Day 15 - LHN 2010 Ornament of the Month - All is Calm. Not a bad start on this one either. I didn't start on it until late this afternoon. I spent most of the morning reading Lee Child's 61 Hours and then I had a bit of housework and laundry to do. I was reading 61 Hours before going to sleep last night and just hit the exciting part so when I woke up this morning I couldn't do anything else until I finished the book.

Now comes the next fun part of this challenge. Trying to get all these wonderful new starts finished this year. Based on my track record that will be a challenge and a half.

Thank you for all for your wonderful supportive comments during this challenge. I really appreciated them.

I will try to post at least once a week with progress on these projects.

Take care and Happy Stitching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. great starts on your last 3 projects

  2. Great starts! I love Under the Tree, I think it's my favorite :)

  3. You have stitched a lot. Pretty starts.

  4. Great starts Loretta! Now, here's to finishing them!!!

  5. I love your last 3 projects, own 2 of them myself.....wish there was more hours in the day! Well done!

  6. You have some great starts for the Challenge....can't wait to see the finishes!!!

    Happy stitching....

  7. Great progress already on these last starts!

  8. Hello Loretta,

    this is a lovely winter ornament of LHN - I like snowmen very much!
    Your blog looks beautiful and your embroideries too!

    Greetings from Bavaria

  9. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all your posts RE: Crazy January 2011 challenge and you have some lovely pieces. I look forward to seeing your progress and happy dances. I may have to sign up for these ornaments too as they are so cute!

  10. Good luck with the Challenge. Your starts look interesting, looking forward to seeing them all done.
    I'm too slow a stitcher to even dare start a challenge like this.