Tying up Loose Ends(Part II) - Christmas Ornaments

The following are the last of the Christmas Ornaments I did for 2010:

MH16-9301 Naughty - 2009 Mill Hill

This is the companion to the "Nice" ornament I stitched earlier. My niece and her fiance picked them both for their tree.

The next 2 are ornaments I did for 2 Christmas Exchanges. The first was through the San-Man Originals Message Board (I had the same partner as I had for the HalloFall Exchange - Loriana). The 2nd was for the Canadiana Christmas Exchange through the
123 Stitch Message Board.

Merry Christmas - Barbara Ana Designs

This is what Loriana sent me. The lovely Poinsettia ornament is currently hanging off the garland on my stair banister.

Holiday Wishes © 2009 Angie Kowalsky (Linen Flowers Designs)

The following is what Patty sent to me for this exchange. The Nutcracker is a welcome addition to my Nutcraker tree. I currently looking for something to stitch to put in the Snowman frame.

The next 3 ornaments are what I stitched to give to the host/hostesses of the 2 Christmas Open Houses we attended at the beginning of December.

Winter Wishes (Happiness) by Belinda Karls-Nace (Blue Ribbon Designs)

Rudolph ABC (P&K) by Lucie Heaton (These were stitched for the children Payton & Kieran)

The last pictures are of the last ornament I stitched for 2010. It is my first attempt at Humbug.

Frosted Berlingot by Nancy Pederson

I had one more finish for 2010 but I forgot to take a picture before giving it to my nephew. It was a set of 4 coasters with the 4 suits from playing cards. It is a design by Ursula Michaels that I downloaded from Patterns Online. The patterns are from the leaflet Ante Up. These coasters were the result of a conversation we had at a family dinner early in 2010. He joked about me not stitching him anything. He later mentioned he needed coasters and I said I could make him some coaster and asked what theme he would like. He said something to do with poker. When he opened his gift he remember the conversation and was quite pleased.

Happy Stitching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Lovely ornaments Loretta! They're all so pretty and thoughtful too.