Spring's A-comin'

I thought I would post some updated pictures so you can see that spring does eventually come here. It is not the prettiest time of the year. The ground is still frozen and there is still a few patches of snow here and there. Hopefully we will be seeing leaves on the trees and green, green grass soon.

As I mentioned in my last post, I just love the colours in BBD's "Bluebird's Message". I love them so much I took every opportunity I could this week to stitch on this project. Below is a picture of my progress as of 15 minutes ago.

I am currently missing the colour for the branches - WDW Havana . I didn't have it in my stash and my LNS was out of stock. I did order it online and I hope to have it by next weekend. I am really looking forward to seeing this piece completed.

A week ago my mother told me that someone had donated some embroidery floss to her knitting grou and since the members had no use for it she asked if she could give it to me. She was given the okay and I picked it up on Tuesday. It is quite a nice haul. The bag contains a combination of both DMC and Anchor.

A couple of weeks ago I read this post. I thought it was such a neat idea to display my scissors in a flower frog and I went and bought this little gem from a seller on Esty.Link

I know I will be picking up some more of these since I discovered all the lovely little scissors sold on this site - Anita's Little Stitches. Since January I have already bought 4 and have a few others earmarked for future purchases.

Well, it has been a long day. Take care and happy stitching!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Хорошая вышивка.
    Весна придет,нужно радоваться что она идет,медленно,но идет.
    Подставка хорошая.

  2. Oh my, your BBD project is gorgeous, Loretta! The colors are stunning, aren't they?

    Sooner or later we all get hooked on scissor collecting! Frogs are such a fun way to display them and you picked a pretty one.

  3. Love your BBD too... great colors in this one!

    I just love the color of your frog... very different and pretty. Good luck with you scissor collecting too!

  4. oh! I really love this frog thing, though I don't have a proper idea how it works; coz I've never seen it here. Hope they bring it here to sell so that I can buy one too...

    I like the color, it looks gorgeous with all those cute scissors!! and we all know these small things only grow in number...

  5. Lovely colours on your BBd, It's coming along well. Love your scissor display.

  6. Love the colors in your BBD and NICE HAUL you got there. :D Hope the grass and flowers poke their heads up for you soon. :)

  7. Love the stash haul and your frog! BBD looks lovely!

  8. The colors are so vibrant, and I love the frog.

    Fun too seeing photos of your area this time of year. When one lives where it doesn't snow, it's hard to imagine life with it!

  9. The colours on your BDD is gorgeous!