The 'Old Man' is still tryng!

After a week of beautiful weather - temperatures in the high teens and low twenties (celsius) - this is what we woke up to again this morning!!!!! Is it ever going to end.

It rained all day yesterday and although the snow was in the forecast I was really hoping it would bypass us.

In order to appease my disappointment, I decided to become a Quilt Detective at Quilting is Murder - A Murder Mystery. I found out about it when I read the Sew Sisters Quilt Shop Blog.

I am an avid mystery reader and love quilts (I have a keen interest do do more quilting if only I there was more hours in the day) so I thought this would be a bit of fun. It is an 8-part mystery (1 chapter a week) and if you sign up as a Quilt Detective you have a chance to win prizes by finding all the weekly clues at the 'Killer Quilt Shops'. Right now I have found all the clues but 1 - as per the information I found on the Facebook Page there is a problem with it that they are currently trying to fix.

I haven't done much stitching this week so I have no progress or finish pictures to post. For the next month I going to concentrating on making a crest for a District Girl Guide camp we are having at the end of the month. I was sweet talked into doing it by a my former Guiding partner when I still had a Brownie Unit. I use to cross stitch crests for our camps back then. She loves the ones I did and thought it would be neat if I did another one. Below is a prototype of what I am stitching. It is done on 14ct Aida but I am stitching the actual ones on 13ct vinyl aida.
I found the Monkey pattern here. I used the monkey on the letter "T".

Happy Stitching and I hope you are all enjoying better weather than we are. (I know they are in Germany - my aunt told my mother this morning that she was planting flowers tomorrow.)


  1. OMG....I can't believe you are having more snow! We just planted our garden this weekend....I certainly do feel for you. Sending sunny thoughts and warm breezes from SC.

    Happy stitching on your project...

  2. It's hot here and the snow looks good but I can so understand your frustration! I wish the weather was more balanced. Sunny and 70 would be great for both of us!

  3. Капризы природы!Спасибо за пост.

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