Some Sad News, Weekend Stitching and Some Mail

I just finished reading Daffycat's post about Yoyo, who use to have the Dragon My Needle blog and was the original host of  the Totally Useless SAL.   This wonderful stitcher and blogger suffered a stroke and can no longer stitch or blog.  I often thought about her since her blog disappeared and I want to wish her all the best.


Shelleen of Queen Stitcher recently started another blog - Weekend Stitch-A-Thon where members can post their weekend stitching pictures.  I joined on Friday and here is what I stitched on this weekend.  The first is something I just started on Friday and is called Sew Scissors.  It is available here.

I am making a display of my assorted embroidery scissors in flower frogs and what to make this as part of the display.  I am thinking of finishing it off as a flat fold.

The other two pieces are 2 charts I started during the Crazy January Challenge - Red House in Winter from Little House Needleworks and Merry Christmas by Waxing Moon Designs.   They are almost finished and I will be so happy to cross them off my list

Last week I received two more flower frogs to add to my collection (a BIG 3 now).  The first one to arrive was a pale green one and on Friday I got a nice large clear glass one.

I also received my May SEP package from Traditonal Stitches last week which included the lovely piece of 32 count Cream linen from Weberei Weddigen in Germany that I am using for my Sew Scissors.   And from Down Sunshine Lane I received the 4th 2011 Ornament from Little House Needleworks - Gingerbread Village.

That is it for now!!!!!!!!!!!   Take care and Happy Stitching!!!!!!!!!!1


  1. Желаю удачи в шитье.Все красиво.

  2. That weekend stitch-a-thon sounds nice. Maybe I join after 16 years when I imagine I can spent whole weekends in stitching =D

  3. Hello Loretta!
    Came here after quite a long and seeing so many things you finished or almost finished, I'm quite inspired. They look so nice. Specially seeing that almost finished Christmas project, I remember that I have to finish one too...heh heh

  4. Hello Loretta!
    I came here after quite a long time; and seeing so many finished or almost finished projects you made, I'm very inspired. Specially that almost finished Christmas project reminds me that I have to finish one too...lol. Love them all, very nice...