iStitch Mystery SAL update plus more

I am suppose to be on a Scrapbooking retreat this weekend (I don't scrapbook but a lot of my friends do so I just bring along my cross-stitching and admire their creativity)but I have been suffering with a head cold all week so I decided to stay home so as not to infect anyone else. I am disappointed but considering I still felt pretty stuffed up when I woke up this morning I think I made the right decision.

When I woke up this morning I was please to see that Carol (iStitch) sent out Part 3 of the Mystery SAL. I quickly stitched it up this morning and now I am waiting patiently for Part 4 to be released. Carol has promised that if a significant number of participants send in their completed pictures within the week she will release Part 4 next weekend (a week early). I hope that there are more 'flying' needles out there.

Last weekend I worked exclusively on the Birds of A Feather Mystery SAL. This was my progress as of last Monday. As you can see, I am in the home stretch. I can't wait until it is finished.

Lastly, I finally got around to scanning in the remaining dishcloths I stitched while I was on holidays in August.  I have been too "lazy" to take my laptop downstairs to connect to my printer/ scanner so this morning I finally brought the printer upstairs.  Which makes sense since my desktop PC is currently not working (and my IT guy - my brother - is too busy to look at it.)

Happy 2011 Cloth ©2011 Knitwits Alley

Bluebonnets Cloth © 2008 Lindy       

Stained Glass Cloth © 2008 Lindy

Little Tweet Cloth © 2011 Elaine Fitzpatick

Well, I think I have spent enough time on the computer.  I need to get some housework and stitching done (and not necessarily in that order) ;).

Hope you all have a great weekend (it is going to be a hot one here) and happy stitching!!!!


  1. Your mystery SAL looks lovely. I've just finished par 3 this morning but haven't taken a photo yet.

    Your Birds of a Feather piece is beautiful and I love those dishcloths!

  2. Your Birds of a Feather looks lovely!! I had thought of doing it but have too many irons in the fire.