Just in Time!!!!

We just got home from the fundraising dinner so I just have over an hour to make my November 3rd blog post.   I don't have any stitching pictures as I didn't have much time to stitch today. I did manage to finish the 2nd snowflake on the Christmas Eve Flight and have started on the last. Hopefullty, I will have a finish piece to show tomorrow.

We enjoyed an excellent dinner (menu below) this evening, listen to some awesome speeches from 3 youngsters and 2 young adults who benefited from the organization, watched a talented illusionist (another young adult who benefited from the organization) perform and my DH won the table ornament - a beautiful orchid (pictured below).   Unfortunately, neither my DH or I have much of a green thumb so we are giving the plant to my MIL.   She'll love it and will probably save it from a certain death.

Whenever, I go out in the evening I take awhile to wind down before I can sleep so I will probably be up for awhile stitching and reading.  Which isn't that good since I have to work tomorrow.  TGIF!!!!

Well, that's it for now.  I'll be back tomorrow!!!!  Take care and happy stitching!!!!


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