No Time to Stitch Today!

But as I am determined to post everyday this month (as part of a challenge), I am back again.

I had a meeting this evening so the only pictures I have are what I stitched this weekend. I am going to stitch Daffycat's 3 reindeer at the same time. I showed a progress pic of "Holly Reindeer" on Saturday. Below is my progress on the other 2 - "Jinglebell Reindeer" and "Mistletoe Reindeer".

I did work on the San Man Witchy Boot but I was unable to finish.  Hopefully by the end of the week.

I  will sign off this  post with a picture of some beautiful flowers I received on Friday as a Thank You.

Aren't they lovely.  They made my office smell so good throughout the afternoon.   I love getting flowers.  Whenever I get a beautiful bouquet of flowers, I remember the first bouquet I ever received.   It was for my 16th Birthday from my maternal grandfather.  I had just met him the day before when my parents, my brother and I arrived on our first visit to Germany since my parents immigrated 20 years beforehand.  They were the biggest and most gorgeous bunch of flowers I had ever seen.  It is one of the few memories I have of him.   That same morning he also went out and got fresh buns from the bakery for our breakfast.  They were absolutely heavenly.

It is getting late now and I think I should be getting for bed.

Take care and Happy Stitching!!!


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  1. Cute reindeer! Beautiful flowers and what wonderful memories they bring back for you!