Reindeers and more Reindeers

I finally finished the Christmas Eve Flight this evening. So that is one down and who knows how many more for the Christmas Ornament Challenge 2011.

Christmas Eve Flight - 2010 The Sampler Girl
36 ct Flax Edinborough Linen, DMC

I am currently on a Reindeer kick right now so my next 3 ornaments will be Reindeers also.  I started this evening on Holly Reindeer by Daffycat.    I will also be doing her other 2 reindeer designs - Jinglebell Reindeer and Mistletoe Reindeer. This is my progress so far on the Holly Reindeer.

I hoping this weekend to also finish my LHN - Under the Tree and San-Man Original - Witchy Boot.

Thanks for visiting and happy stitching!!!



  1. I love your Christmas Eve. I have that in my pile of things I want to stitch.

    I enjoyed viewing your blog.

    Lynn in Alabama

  2. Lovely finishes. Your Christmas Eve is gorgeous.