Crazy January Challenge 2012 - Day Thirteen

Another day, another start. Today it was Alberta.

I can't believe we are already at Day Thirteen. Tomorrow I will be back with Newfoundland and Labrador.

It has been long day and I am ready to go to bed. I have a busy weekend ahead. On Sunday my SIL and her family coming over brunch so tomorrow I will be doing as much preparation as I can. After they leave, I intend to start putting a way my Christmas Trees and the Nutcrackers (Yes, I still have them up. I enjoy the lights when I come home from work and I wanted to keep everything up until after my in-laws were over. Normally, I would have started taking them down last weekend after the 12 Days of Christmas.)

Good night all. I will be back tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. 12 wips! wowww!!! :p hhehehe
    How many new starts for Crazy Challenge, 15? :)
    Enjoy your weekend, stitch a lot!! :D

  2. Thats a wonderful pattern. happy stitching !

  3. How are you choosing to finish your project - a quilt or framing it or ??

  4. How do I get a pattern for this Alberta Heart.

    1. The design is from The Victoria Sampler https://www.victoriasampler.com/. However I believe it is OOP.