Crazy January Challenge - Day Three

I am not feeling very well this evening so after I make this post and the 12 Days of Christmas post I am going to bed.

Today's is Quaker Sampler 2003 by Threads Through Time (Nancy Sturgeon). I only managed to stitch one strand of floss. But the piece is only 2" x 2" so it won't take long to finish once I get back to it.

 Good night and happy stitching!!!!



  1. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well :( great work keeping up with the January Challenge!!

  2. I am up early, I have a very bad head cold and BAD headache so we are in the same boat. It stinks not feeling well.

    I hope you feel bettter girlie, XO

    Blessings and Hugs,

  3. hope you feel better soon..
    happy stitching with the january challenge xx

  4. Love this piece and looking forward to seeing it, get well soon.

  5. I hope u feel better. January is always ayucky sick month... i won the day 1 i sent you an email but i am not sure u got t kept saying failed so could you email me if you get it..