January TUSAL Report

It's a New Year and the start of another TUSAL. If you want to find out more about TUSAL and/or join in, go here.

I have been participating in the TUSAL since its first inception.   It is a fun and easy SAL.  My "bear" jar contains all my stitching and knitting "orts" since the 2nd year of participating.  (I threw out the first year's "orts", unfortunately.)

Below are the "orts" collected since December's report.  It contains snippets from the "So Many Books, So Little Time",  several different ornaments I am currently working on and yarn ends from three Ruffled scarves and 2 dishclothes I have knitted.  (I will post an update later today or tomorrow.)


I hope you are all doing well and not suffering from the flu bug that seems to be effecting so many people right now. 

Take care and happy stitching!!!!! 

Thank you for visiting!!!!


  1. Good pic! Love the bear jar too. I know I had one around somewhere some time ago. Must look, came with peanut butter in it years ago! :) Happy Stitching !

  2. I agree, that bear jar looks lovely... and full of ORT :D