Getting my stitching mojo back!

I haven't blogged much in the past couple of months mainly because I haven't felt like stitching much. But this weekend I got my mojo back. I attended a crafting camp with a group of friends this weekend and had great time. We are a mixed bunch of scrap bookers, quilters, sewers,knitters and cross stitchers who get together at least once a year at a residential camp doing something we love while someone else cooks the meals.

I brought three projects with me and made good progress on all.

1. L*K Holly & Hearts Mystery Sampler - I have Part one almost done.

Just before going to bed Saturday night I was really pleased with my progress when I realized that the stitching I done weeks before (the snowflakes in green at the bottom) was out by 1 stitch.  I was ready to go bed and just leave it but decided to rip out the mistake first so I could start fresh in the morning. I am so glad I did.  By Sunday evening I had the boo-boo re-stitched plus some.

2. LHN's Tree Farm

I am sooooo behind in my ornament stitching!   I have to get at least 9 more done before Christmas.

3.  L*K Scary (a bonus design from last year's Very Scary Mystery Sampler)

Below is a picture of the room 4 of us slept in.   This room had new beds in it that I found rather puzzling for a camp that caters mostly to children.   I am 5'9" and it has been a long time since my feet dangled when I sat on the edge of a bed.  It was rather a strange experience having to jump out of bed.

I recently participated in 2 Halloween exchanges.

The first was through the 123 Message Board -  a Halloween Ornament Exchange.

My partner sent me this cutie:

Which I promptly added to my Halloween wreath

and this is what I sent her.

 The other was a Halloween/Fall exchange through Stitch, Create, Exchange.

I received these lovely items from my partner.

and this is what I sent my partner

Well, that is it for today.  Since I hoping to stitch more, I hope to be blogging more.   Take care and happy stitching!!!!

Thank you for visiting!!!!!



  1. Great stitching update Loretta! So glad to hear that your stitching mojo has returned. You are making great progress. I love the exchange piece that you stitched, the backing fabric is so perfect. Your Halloween wreath looks great too.

  2. Great stitching items with lovely exchanges!!!

  3. Lovely exchanges and what a fun thing ~ to be able to get away with other crafters....one day, perhaps I will get to do that too!

  4. Awesome stitching and beautiful exchange gifts.


  5. Sounds like you had a really good time. I love your Halloween wreath -- what a good idea.

  6. Sounds like you had a good time. I love your Halloween wreath -- great idea.

  7. Great exchange gifts, Loretta.