Day 22: DUCJC2015

I'm back again with another PS Santa - 1999.

Are any of you like me? When I am stitching something that has a face in it, I need to stitch that face up ASAP.   The other day I got the willies when I saw a picture of an almost completed Mirabilia that was still headless.  If I was stitching it, the head would have been done before I went onto the rest of the body.

Tomorrow, we will be going out to a play so I won't have much stitching time.  I decided to pull out a small Mill Hill kit called Peek-A-Brrr.

Take care and happy stitching!!!!

Thank you for visiting!!!!


  1. Another adorable Santa.


  2. I'm the opposite - I usually stitch the paler colours first so the face would be last! I'm going to check my projects later and see if I have any headless ones. Great start.

  3. Looking good! I am not a face first girl when I xs -- when I needlepoint I am because I want to make sure the faces are perfectly adjusted. In xs I figure they will go where they are supposed to in their proper shape no matter what (as long as I don't screw up counting), and maybe they'll look cleaner and fresher if I do them later.