Day 23: DUCJC2015

Last night, after work, my DH and I went out to a play (Life, Death and the Blues - Excellent) so I decided to start a small MH kit called Peek-A-Brrr.  Before we left I had all the cross-stitching and just started on the beading.  We got home at 11 and decided to watch The Shining during which time I got most of the beading done.   This morning I completed the beading and finished it as an ornament.  (I made the hanger out of the left over bead.)

The kit calls it a Holiday Pin and was supposed to include a pin back, however there was only a magnet in the package.  But I always intended to make this into a Christmas ornament so it really didn't matter what was in the package.

I am not sure what I will be starting today.  I am tossing around 2 charts - Joy In The Journey (a Diane Williams design before she started Little House Needleworks) or Luna (Nora Corbett).  Come back tonight and see what I have decided on.

Take care and happy stitching!!!!!!!!

Thank you for visiting!!!!