Day 25: DUCJC2015

Today,  I didn't stitch as much as usual. I am the treasurer with a number of Girl Guide units and I really needed to take some time to bring their books up-to-date plus I had to write some reimbursement cheques and get 3 deposits ready. This stuff always takes longer than I think I will.

Today's project is a WIP/UFO from a few years back. It is called Welcome (Artwork © 2005 Stephanie Marriott, Licensed by Sagebrush Fine Art. Pattern Designed by Mystic Stitch,Inc.) It is the small version of the chart with only four pages of stitching and I have one page already completed.   The top picture shows how it looked before I started stitching today.  The bottom picture shows today's progress.

I love the look of this chart and can't wait to get it finally finished.

This week my plan is start working on the remainder of the LHN Sheep Virtues I have in my stash. I have already stitched Hope, Love, Peace and Simplicity so I have 8 more to do.

Early this evening I was looking for Hope and Love and I started looking through my other finishes. I have got quite a collection going on. I need to either get them framed or finish them into display pillows or wall hangings. They are much too beautiful to be left in storage. So far I have pulled out the ones that are either Christmas or Winter themed. I am going to try to finish these ones off so I can start displaying them. Then I will work on the Spring/Summer and Fall ones. 

Do any of you have piles of finished stitching stored away waiting to be framed or otherwise?

Take care and happy stitching.

 Thank you for visiting!!!!



  1. Nice progress Loretta. I have at least a hundred that are finished sitting in a plastic tote.


  2. Welcome is looking great! Wow day 25 and your still stitching strong:) oh yes I have one finished piece that needs to be framed and many that need to be made into ornaments, pillows etc. I have them stored safely until I make the time to complete them. love Annette

  3. I have this chart in my stash from when it first came out! I have never even attempted to start it yet. I absolutely do have a bin full of completed cross stitch that aren't "finished" It's one of those "one day" things.

  4. What a gorgeous project! I recently went through some of my stash and pulled a couple of cross-stitches out that needed to be finished into a wall hanging and a pillow. I also realized a baby blanket I stitched had almost all of the edges finished with only a small patch left to complete. These are goals to complete this year.

  5. Oh yes Loretta! I do have many pieces that need to be framed or made into pillows and such. It's our creative minds that stop us from totally completing a piece before starting another. We see the beauty and feel the colors and have to dive into another project. Your pieces are always done so nicely and are beautiful. I do hope that we get these finished things out so we can display them soon.