Weekly WIP update

Good Evening!!!

I am still plugging away on the 3 WIPs from the last weekend. Below are progress pictures of "99" and the "Sunflower Fairy". I am almost finished with the PS "1999 Santa" so I will wait until it is finished before posting a picture.

As I was stitching on the "Sunflower Fairy", I discovered a couple of counting mistakes. In order to correct them I would of had to do some major frogging so I decided to fudge it a bit with just a little bit of frogging. The mistakes are not so glaringly obvious that it bothers me as some errors have, so I won't worrying about them anymore.

Take care and happy stitching!!!!

 Thanks for visiting!!!!!!!!!!


  1. They are both looking great :-)

  2. Great stitching my dear xx

  3. They look great, Loretta. I've stitched the Sunflower Fairy, and I can't see anything wrong with yours. I think you made a good choice to fudge rather than rip.

  4. I love both your WIP's
    Is the sunflower fairy chart in a magazine, I think I may have it and maybe kitted,I'll have to look

    1. I purchased it from Herrschners - https://www.herrschners.ca/ as a PDF but it was originally printed in the September 2009 of Cross Stitch & Needlework.

  5. I love the fairy and the fabric. Sunny greetings from New Orleans, Alice

  6. Lovely progress on both pieces Loretta.


  7. hi Loretta, lovely wips you are working on, I have the 99 bottles chart but have yet to find the perfect fabric, I do love the fabric you are stitching it on

  8. Thank you!!!

    I decided to use the PTP fabric (Ale) suggested in the chart and I am glad I did.

  9. The only person that will know there is a mistake is you. It's not always necessary to frog, sometimes a good fudging is all it takes :)

  10. Gorgeous stitching :-D I love this project.