I was busy yesterday!!!

Beside making my long overdue blog post yesterday I also managed to clean and finish decorating a bathroom (please note that my Nutcrackers even invade my bathrooms), clean my refrigerator, do some laundry, sort out my plastic food containers (disposing of those without lids), and baked pretzels, dog biscuits, choux pastry and mini quiche lorraine tarts.  I also finished Harvest Hunt - Kitty with Ghosts (Brittercup Designs) and put a few stitches in the 2007 PS Santa (although I had to frog some of them out as I discovered an error I made back in February when I last worked on it.)

With all this I managed get in over 10,000 steps without leaving the house.  It helps that I live in a 3-level split with a basement.  The kitchen is on the top floor, the laundry room on the third and the freezer in the basement.  I was up and down the steps a lot yesterday.

I had three more finishes that I forgot to post yesterday.  (Gosh, I was a lot busier than I thought.) The first is a chart by Stitchers Anon.  It was part of her Holmsey Hare Hop she hosted on her Facebook group - Holmsey Hare Haven.  I finished it in October.  The next I stitched in November for an Christmas Exchange.  It is called  Peace by Lindsay Lane Designs (2015 JCS Special Christmas Issue). The last one I stitched and finished earlier this month.  It is Yellow Penquin by Casey Buonaugurio Designs that was published in the JCS 2013 Special Christmas Issue. I stitched it  for my niece (who loves penquins).   She recently moved with her partner to BC and won't be home for Christmas.

Wow!  I can't believe I managed to post 2 days in a row!!!!!!!  I will leave you now as I want to get back to my PS Santa and hopefully make up what I had to frog.

Take care and happy stitching!

Thank you for visiting!!!!!!



  1. Yayyy beautiful stitching my dear x

  2. Running up and down the stairs saves you a morning or evening walk, lol.
    Very nice finishes, I love the monochrome Peace house and the saying by StitchersAnon. And Yellow Penguin is a real cutie.

  3. You have been busy indeed!
    Love the finished monochrome little house.

  4. What a great post Loretta! So upbeat and my goodness, you certainly got a lot done in one day. A wonderful year ahead for you loaded with lots of color and blessings.

  5. I love my little house, it is absolutely gorgeous and it worked perfectly with all of our red decorations. Even my husband was suitable impressed and said that it was just right for me. Thank you so much for my wonderful gift. x