DUCJFC2016 - Day Eight

It's the weekend. Time for some serious stitching!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Came home today and made a pizza (ham & pineapple), put on my jammies, curled up in front of  the electric fire and got down to stitching Day Eight's project.

I fell in love with the A Year in Chalk charts by Hands on Design as soon as I saw them.  I am so glad to finally start stitching them.  I plan to display them on the board as shown above.

Tomorrow I intend to start A Year in Chalk - February and hopefully put a little bit more work into Tis the Season, Black Crow and Fa La La!

I am off now to do a little more stitching!!!  Take care and happy stitching!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for visiting!!!!!!!! 



  1. Lovely start. Sounds like you have the perfect weekend planned!

  2. I have been collecting these for the past year also - they are so sweet!

  3. Sounds like a perfect evening to me! Great start!

  4. What a sweet design, never seen it before! Great new start :)

  5. That fabric looks so cool! Is it hard to stitch on it? looking great!!:)

  6. I've done this one already too, for the snowflake tips instead of blue thread I used tiny blue beads for some extra sparkle.