so much for being here more often. Maybe now that things are back to normal now after the holidays I will be able to do what I say I am going to do.

I have joined another Mystery SAL. Information about this SAL can be found at the following Yahoo Group Wonderful XS World.

I decided not to do the Valentine one by Pamela Kellogg.

I have also recently joined another Yahoo Group for Knitting dishcloths - Monthly Dishcloths(Knit-A-Long).

They are having a challenge to knit all 24 dishcloths in the 2008 KAL. I think I am going to take the challenge. I finished the first one already:

I knitted the following just recently also. I enjoy knitting dishcloths. They are quick and the different designs are helping me improve my skills as a knitter. I haven't knitted for almost 20 years and I need the practice.

I knitted bath mitts for my two nieces and my nephew's girlfriend for Christmas. Unfortunately I forgot to scan pictures of them before giving them away. They turned out pretty good considering it was the first time I knitted anything with a thumb.

This year I want to knit afghans for my SIL, my nieces and my nephew's girlfriend. Wish me luck.

My goal is to complete some of my UFOs as well as stitch some new projects. In fact one of those UFOs is calling me now - Mediterranean Terrace. I picked it up and started stitching on it again last week. This is a picture of what was completed before last week. I will post a progress pic on the weekend.

Till next time,

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