Fully Finished Gallery SAL check-in

Rachel - the Ten Hour Stitcher - is hosting the Fully Finished Gallery SAL starting today.

The goal is to encourage stitchers to fully finish their projects - both those that have been recently finished or have been languishing in a box for awhile.   Since that is one of my goals for the year I have decided to take part.

I had a great start in January and managed FFO 9 Christmas Ornaments, 1 stitched piece from the past and 2 pieces I finished in Janaury.

 Farmhouse Christmas - Little House Needleworks

 Joy - Rovaris (JCS Christmas Issue 2018)

 Merry Christmas - Samplers Not Forgotten (JCS Christmas Issue 2017)

Barnyard Christmas - Prairie Schooler

Winter Feeder - Crossed Wing Collection

Seasonal Celebrations: Winter - Country Cottage Needleworks

Snow Sampler - Country Cottage Needleworks

That is it for now.

Take Care and Happy Stitching!!!!!



Janaury WIPocalypse

The last Sunday in the Month - time for my January WIPocalypse report.

All in all I would say I had a really good month.  First off, I finished 4 WIPs started prior to 2019 and even managed to fully finish one.

Away We Ride by Blackbird Designs

Snow Sampler by Country Cottage Needleworks

Spirit of Christmas Mystery Sampler by Lizzie Kate

October Word Play by With Thy Needle & Thread

I also managed to get in 6 new starts (smalls) and finished 4 of them.

 Seasonal Celebrations: Winter - Country Cottage Needleworks
This was for the January Stitch-along on Little House and Country Cottage Stitching Group (Facebook)
The February Stitch-along is called "Finish it Up".  You either finish up the January stitch-along or pick another WIP from LHN or CCN to finish up.  I have several in my WIP pile and will start off with the final 2 parts in LHN's Farmhouse Christmas Series.

 Farm Folks
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Joy - Rovaris (2018 JCS Christmas Issue)
This is the 1st in the year long JCS Stitch-along (Facebook).  I substituted the DMC 816 with DMC Etoile C816 and used 1 strand of DMC white and 1 strand of DMC Etoile White.  I found the Etoile easy to work with and like the little sparkle it adds to the ornament.

 Crazy For Canada - Beaver - Jenny Barton (Cross Stitch Crazy - June 2014)
Last year I participated in the Steotchalong and was part of the Team Introverted Procrastinators. We are trying to put together a collaborative piece with a contribution from as many team members as possible and this is mine. (Hopefully not too many will procrastinate, I kind of waited to the last minute myself.)

This is just a sneak peak of  what I stitched for the Cross Stitch Card and ATC SAL(Facebook).  I will post the whole thing once I know my partner has received it. In this group we alternate each month stitching a card or an ATC based on a chosen theme.  January was the Year of the Pig.

 Moonrise: Ornament #III - Whispered by the Wind
Edited: I am taking part in the Hallowe'en Ornie SAL 2019. January's theme is Haunted House.  

Moonrise: Ornament #I
I stitched this for the Grave New Beginning SAL hosted by Bewitched Stitches (Facebook)

The final WIP I worked on this month is Seasons in Chalk Art: Fall by Hands on Design (JCS October 2016).  

Take Care and Happy Stitching!!!!!



Another Day

Yesterday it snowed and now the temperatures are dropping.   Another good reason to stay home and stitch.😀😀😀

Yesterday started de-christmasfying the house.  Boy is it starting to look naked.   I know a lot of you take down your Christmas trees a lot earlier but it has been a tradition in our family to wait until after the 12 days of Christmas.

My DH was quite the good Samaritan yesterday.  After clearing our driveway he went to clear the driveways and entrances of our neighbours on either side of us and across the street from us.  Also, later on while walking the dog he helped another who got his vehicle stuck in the snow.

Yesterday I got hit by a "snowball".


So I managed to make a significant dent on my Snow Sampler by adding 355 stitches.

I also worked on the Seasonal Celebration: Winter and started the Joy (Rovaris) Christmas Ornament from the 2017 JCS Just Christmas issue.

I am using the DMC Etoile threads on the ornament.  Using C816 for the 816 and 1 strand of Etoile Blanc with regular Blanc (because the Etoile is more of a light grey).  It is easy to work with and I like the addition of a little sparkle to my ornaments.

Well, that is enough for today.

Take Care and Happy Stitching!!!



Stitching Plans for the Day

Good Morning!!!

It is 4:45 am and I can't sleep anymore.  I slipped on the ice a week before Christmas and in the process wrenched my right shoulder.  While it doesn't bother me much anymore during the day, I still have trouble finding a comfortable sleeping position.

But rather than just lying around, I decided to make myself a cup of tea and update my blog with my stitching plans for the day.  I can always take a nap later on today.

Today is a good day to stay in and stitch.  There was a significant snowfall last night with strong winds so the roads will be a bit of mess today.

Currently I am participating in the 2 events hosted by The Ultimate Cross Stitch Group (Facebook).  The first is a stitch counting event called Snowball Fever Frenzy.  For this event I chose to work on the Snow Sampler by Country Cottage Needleworks.  This was my last new start in 2018.

For this event you are required to stitch a minimum number of stitches per day to avoid penalties (additional stitches) and if you stitch within a certain range of stitches (picked randomly daily) you receive "snowballs" to "throw" at your fellow participants.  If you are "hit" with a snowball you must stitch the specified number to cover the snowball plus the daily minimum.  

The 2nd event is non-counting and I just need to show some progress within the month.  For this event I chose Seasonal Celebrations: Winter by Country Cottage Needleworks.  This was my first start in 2019 and also a part of the January SAL on Little House Needleworks and Country Cottage Needleworks Stitching Group (Facebook).

I also hope to start the 1st ornament in the JCS Stitch Along (Facebook) - Joy by Rovaris and a card for an exchange I am participating in the Cross Stitch Card and ATC SAL (Facebook).  The theme is the Year of the Pig.

I am getting sleepy again, maybe I will try to get a couple of hours more sleep before I start stitching.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!

Take care and Happy stitching!!!



WIPocalypse 2019 and more

Whoops!  I fell off the wagon again. (I haven't  posted in over 3 months).   Oh well, a New Year is always a good time for a new start.

Last year I joined the Facebook group WIPocalypse but failed to get organized enough to actively participate.   Today is the Kick-off day for 2019, which is as a good time as any to start blogging again.

We are suppose to start with an introduction.  So for those of you who are new to my to my blog or those who haven't visited in awhile (and why would you if I am not posting) my name is Loretta - I am married (going on 33 years), no children and currently have 1 dog (Buster/Buddy -a great dane/golden retriever and who knows what else mix).

I have been stitching since I was 16 and now that I am retired I have more time to stitch.  Which is good since stitching is my life.  Rarely a day goes by that I don't take a needle and thread to a piece of fabric. I am also a certified serial starter with more WIPs than I care to admit to.

My goals for 2019 are to:

1.  Whittle down my WIP pile (I think this is actually obtainable now that I am retired)
2.   Stitch more from my stash and curtailing new acquisitions (I have also joined the Facebook groups Stitch From Stash 2017-2019)
3.  Getting more of my finished pieces out of the proverbial "under the bed box" and out on display for me to enjoy.

My first finish for 2019 is Away We Ride by Blackbird Designs.  I really enjoyed stitching this piece.

A few of my current WIPs are:

Snow Sampler - Country Cottage Needlworks

Seasonal Celebration: Winter - Country Cottage Needleworks

Mystery Christmas Sampler - Lizzie Kate

Seasons in Chalk: Fall - Hands on Design (JCS October 2016)

Well that is it for now.   I had my SIL and her husband over for brunch today and now all I want to do is stitch and chill.

Take care and happy stitching!!!



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