WIPocalypse August Check-In

Wow!!!!  I have been having a really crazy stitching month.  I took part in 2 counting challenges this month via 2 Facebook groups - The Ultimate Cross Stitch Group and Semi-Sane Stitchers and manage to put in well over 10,000 stitches in over 10 WIPs.  The Semi-Sane Stitchers challenge required me to work on a minimum of 10 WIPs and I am currently on my 11th.

WIP #1 (a finish)

2015 Holiday Treat - Dragon Dreams (freebie from the FB page)

WIP#2 (a finish)

What Now? - Dragon Dreams (2018 JCS Christmas Issue)


Alice In Wonderland - Bothy Threads

WIP#4(a finish - just need to add button)

Dickens's Mittens - Scrooge - The Cricket Collection

WIP#5 (a finish)

Noah's Christmas Ark - Giraffes - Plum Street Samplers


More Chocolate Bunnies - Hands On Design

Octopus's Garden - Blackbird Designs

Cross Canada Cross Stitch - Many Flowers Designs

So Many Books, So Little Time - Heaven and Earth Designs

Monopoly - C & L Crafts Co. (Parker Brothers)

Winter Wonderland - Blackbird Designs

This month's question is:

What do you have on your stitching bucket list? (for example, specific projects, designers, fibers, etc)

I want to stitch on every chart in my stash and more!!!!!!!  I have several Blackbird Designs, Plum Street Samplers and Brenda Gervais charts that I want to get at before I die.

Well that is it for this month!!!

Take care and Happy Stitching!!!



  1. Wow indeed! So many stitches and so many projects which have been given lots of attention. Go you!!
    I've never come across a Monopoly cross stitch, so that was interesting to see. I also noticed you had So Many Books So Little Time in your sidebar and this is an HAED which I would love to stitch but it's big and I'm not a fan of confetti so know it would never get finished! I'll cheer you along instead. Here's to September being just as successful for you. :)

    1. Thank you! Monopoly is a game we often played while I was growing up so when I saw it I knew I hax to stitch it. I also want to stitch at least 1 HAED in my lifetime

  2. Wow! Lots of stitching and finishes.