It's Good Friday

and I home today. I done a bit of stitching, knitting and reading today but mostly I have been on the computer catching up on things. After I finishing updating this blog I am going to spend the rest of the evening stitching.

Below is my progress on the "First Robin of Spring Mystery SAL". I currently working on parts 2 & 3. Parts 4 comes out tomorrow. I love the colours in this piece.

I finished another mitten ornament from this site:

And this is my completed January Heart. Now I am all up to date. I started on April's this afternoon.

The following are the dishcloths I recently finished:

The Empty Tomb (UPDATED PICTURE APRIL 13, 2008)

Easter Bunny by Cheryl Edwards (March Mid-month KAL with Monthly Dishcloths KAL)

Illusion Bunny Dishcloth

I like this shadow/illusion knitting. There are several patterns here that I am going to try.

Myspace Comments - Purple Have A Great Weekend

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