It's Sunday Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a great day stitching yesterday. I have a bit of cold right now so sitting down and stitching is all I felt up to doing the last couple of days. The following the April dishcloth (Monthly Dishcloth KAL) call The Meadow.

I also finished the May Heart
This is my progress on the April SAL (Day 9 of the 12 Days of Christmas) at San-Man Originals MB. I just have to do some more backstitching and adding beads. I could make french knots in place of the beads (which I don't mind doing - I know some don't like them) but I thought the beads would give it more glitz.

I finally did some work on my Nutcracker Tree Skirt. I have to get busy so that it is ready in 2 weeks to send off for the round robin. I have to finish the dancer on the right, 1 Fairy on the other side and the backstitching on the Nutcracker. That will leave the remaining 2 Fairies, the King Mouse and the Toy Soldiers for the others in the RR to do. I am so excited that I will actually have this ready this year to use on my Nutcracker tree.

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  1. Hi Loretta!! Firstly, I am so sorry you have a cold, and I pray that it will leave soon! Being sick is definitely not fun! I hope you're taking your Vitamin Cs!! =)

    As for your progress this week...HEART THAT dishcloth "The Meadow"---it's fabulous-fabulous-fabulous!! And the color is perfect for the design, too. Great job!

    Nutcracker tree skirt is the bottom photo I am assuming, yes? I REALLY heart that, too! lol The Nutcracker Suite is my favorite ballet...so anything relating to that I realllly like. =) Wonderful stitching!