Hi! I'm back...................................

We are on our second week of holidays. We staying out at our trailer. My in-laws have telephone service in their cottage so I am able to access the internet by dial-up (Boy! Is it slow!!!!!!!! I am so use to my DSL service at home.)

I have been doing a lot of reading (and listening) - check my Reading List. I also have manage to finish 2 Christmas ornaments and added a number of stitches to my "Celtic Summer".



Both these ornaments are kits from Mill Hill

The pictures below show my progress on "Celtic Summer". The first one is from about a month ago. The second is a couple of days ago.

I also managed to do a little knitting. I will post a picture once I have the dishcloth blocked.

Thanks for looking!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Beautiful ornaments, Loretta!! Your Celtic lady is coming along VERY nicely also, and I'm sure you'll her completed in no time! Always a joy looking at your stitchwork. =)


  2. Hi Loretta,

    Absolutely Stunning!!
    Your stitching is beautiful..I wish mine were as beautiful as yours. You are so deserving of a blog award, and it is waiting for you on my blog! Come over to my blog to receive it!

    Louise in NC