Totall Useless SAL Check-in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's the New Moon and time to check-in for the "Totally Useless SAL". Here is my progress as a couple hours ago this evening.

The challenge this month was to double our contents between Jan. 25th and Feb. 25th. Since I just started on Feb. 1st with an empty jar, I think I managed to fulfil the challenge.

If you are interest in more information on this SAL, go to Dragon My Needle

It is getting late and I need to get some sleep now.

Good Night.



  1. Your TUSAL jar is too cute, loretta. You've made a great start already.

  2. It's obvious you used a lot of white thread this month! Great progress...

  3. Actually, Karen that isn't white thread but the strands of Aida fabric I have left over once I fringe my ornaments. As you will notice that is my fabric method of finishing off ornaments.

    Thank you all for visiting!!!!!!

  4. seeing that you have been to my page I thought I would repay the favor....I love your work it's beautiful and your jar is filling nicely..

  5. Ok, ok, I'm late, I'm soooooo sorry. I'm having an awful time with my eyes and the computer this week so I'm slow visiting all the TUSAL participants.

    WAY TO GO Loretta!!!!! And what a cute jar, too. I have a lot of Aida threads in my jar too, it's actually a nice place to put them instead of in my lap so they fall to floor when I stand up (LOL).