Some Knitting Finishes and more

Since the beginning of the new year I started knitting again. Just dishcloths for now but at least it keeps my skills going. I belong to the Monthly Dishcloth KAL Yahoo! Group and the following are the January and February KAL dishcloths

Kiss Me by Lisa Millan www.digknittydesigns.blogspot.com (February KAL)

Ice Skate Dishcloth © 2007 Emily Jagos(January KAL)

Circle Cloth © 2008 hakucho hakucho.blogspot.com (February Mid-Month KAL)

Cheyenna © 2007 Deborah C. Tilley (January Mid Month KAL)

The following is my progress on the TNBC SAL. It is getting there slowly but surely.

The following is my 3rd Christmas ornament for February plus an UFO finish.

Eggxtra Special Christmas © 2007 San Man Originals



  1. Great knitting! I never thought about knitters having KALs!

    Your SMO is slightly cracked...lol! Too cute. Congratulations on some great finishes!

  2. Love your circle cloth!

    happy knitting :)

  3. Thank you hakucho<. I love the pattern and will definitely do it again.