Garden Fantasy Mystery SAL

I been stitching on this one for most of the weekend. Parts 1 & 2 have already been released and Part 3 comes out on Thursday. I am way behind. I am working on parts 1(Black) & 2 (Blues) simutaneously. This is my progress to date:

Garden Fantasy Mystery SAL © 2009 Pamela Kellogg
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My DH likes the way it looks so far although he does find it a bit strange that I can't tell him what it is going to look like when it is finished.

I am hoping to make some more progress before the next part is release.

Take care and happy stitching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. That is looking great! So far I have most of page 1 of part 1 done. Yeah, I'm a little behind. :)

  2. Thanks for letting me know that I am not the only one that is behind. It make me feel better.

    Happy Stitching!!!!!!

  3. that looks so great. Can't wait to see more.

  4. Looks good Loretta! Can't wait to see it as it progresses.

  5. Oh Loretta, that very nice! I've just discovered your blog through Marie in SA's blog. I'll be back to visit often.