Setting up a Stitching Schedule

I have managed to join waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many SALs and I seem to be all the over place trying to work on them so I have decided to set up a schedule so I can hopefully make some progress on them.

Monday - Smalls, Monthly Theme SAL (Needleworkers Haven)
Tuesday - Kustom Kraft Mystery SAL
Wednesday - Twas the Night Before Christmas (Little Old Me Designs - Needleworkers Haven)
Thursday - Garden Fantasy Mystery SAL - Pamela Kellog (Kitty and Me Designs)
Friday - UFOs
Saturday/Sunday - whatever catches my fancy

I'll let you know how it works out.



  1. I love the fabric fringe design on your SAL ornaments. You do it so neatly (neatness counts for me)! How can I find a tutorial for that?

  2. Hi Doreen Lynn:

    I don't know about a tutorial but what I do is sew the top and the back pieces of fabric together with a running stitch. I do the running stitch anywhere from 2 to 5 rows away from the stitched area (for these ornaments I did 4 rows). After I have stuffed the ornament and closed up the top I count 7 rows from the running stitch and trim the fabric at the 7th row. Once all the sides are trimmed I just pull out the threads from the first 5 rows (leaving 2 rows past the running stitch intact) to make the fringe. I use Aida fabric for these type of ornaments as it looks the best (more fullness in the fringe than with an evenweave).

    Hope this helps.


  3. Great blog. Wonderful stitching~!

  4. You and I are in the same boat!! I love to SAL and just joined a new one, yikes, how will I ever find the time.

    Great instructions back to Doreen Lynn there. I love that finish it's sooooooo easy to do. Your SAL ornies are really cute too.

  5. I really need to set up a rotation schedule also. I am hoping it will help me keep up with all my deadlines. Thanx for the help on fringing.