It's Summertime........................

and par for the course, I am not online much or at least not long enough to do much blogging or to visit blogs. I am stitching a lot, especially on the weekends which is the important part.

I woke up this morning and realized that there must of been a NEW MOON recently and that I should be posting a picture of my TUSAL Jar. I am a day late but here it is. The most recent layers are threads from the PK Garden Fantasy Mystery SAL and the Peacock Tapestry plus there are bits and pieces left over after trimming my MH Dosselmeyer Ornament (pic below).

The following is a picture of my completed Drosselmeyer Ornament. It is a kit from Mill Hill. It will be welcome addition to my Nutcracker Tree.

I have two more ornaments on the go. I hope to have them finished by the end of next week before I start my holidays (Boy, I can't wait until then. Just one more week!)


  1. Great job on the SAL! Love the ornament too. Can't wait to see your progress on Peacock Tapestry...I just love that design and know I will never stitch it!