Yikes!!!!!! Snow for Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

My DH and I decided to spend 1 more week out at the trailer before closing it up for the season. We went out Tuesday morning. It was a beautiful day Tuesday and not bad on Wednesday. It rained on the next 2 days and then proceeded to snow overnight on Friday. We woke to the following scene outside our trailer door Saturday morning.

I don't recall the last time we had snow on Thanksgiving. It has been cool in past years but snow. Never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately we didn't know the snow was coming until Wednesday evening. (I caught the evening news.) We did have warm cloths out there and the trailer is equipped with a furnace and we have an electric space heater. But we didn't have boots with us. Thankfully by Sunday afternoon when we had to walk across the property to have Thanksgiving dinner with the in-laws enough snow had melted so our shoes didn't get wet.

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