Time to Blog Again!!

Hope those of you that celebrate Halloween had a good one. We had about 70 children show up at the door. A good number but not as many as we use to get when we first moved into the neighbourhood 17 years ago. I believe our highest number was well over 140. It was quite a jump from our previous neighbourhood where we barely had 40.

My prize from Missy arrived earlier this week. I was a "good girl" and didn't peek so what I received was a surprise. In fact it turned out to be a total surprise. I forgot it was coming and when I saw the package on my front step, I couldn't figure out what it was. The return address was unfamiliar and it was too early for either of the Christmas Exchanges I am currently participating in.

I absolutely love my prize. The ornament is gorgeous. (If anyone is interested the chart can be found in Tis Hallowe'en by Blackbird Designs ) and the pincushion is so adorable (love the black with the red leaf). There is also a Halloween Pencil, a Vampire Lips pin and cute Halloween decorated magnets. Thanks again, Missy!!!!!!

A few weeks ago I joined a Fabric of the Month Club at Silkweaver's. I choose the Mini - FOTM#2 which consists of 3 9" x 13" pieces of hand-dyed 28 ct or 32 ct fabric. My 1st order arrived this week also.

The 2 in the back are 28 ct Opalescent Lugana Solos and the one in the front is called Winter Skye (32 ct. Lugana).

I am going to spend this weekend stitching ornaments. I have one more ornament to stitch for an exchange and I want to stitch a couple as Thank you gifts plus I need a few more for the family to chose from at Christmas.

I am a little frustrated with the Kreinik Ornament of the Month Kit - Christmas Tree Stocking I am currently stitching. I just had enough of the #4 Braid 203 Flame and I ran short of the #4 Braid 202HL Aztec Gold). Thank goodness I had a spool of the 202HL in my stash. I haven't finished stitching the sections calling for #4 Braid 9194 Star Green but I already checked my stash and I have a spool of that one also so I am okay if I run short.

Happy Stitching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. What a wonderful package...love the stocking.

    Love your fabric too!

  2. Hi - If you do run out of thread in any Kreinik kit, just give us a call or email and we'll get additional thread out to you. (info@kreinik.com) - Dena from Kreinik. PS your projects look great!.

  3. Cute stocking. Love it. And great colours on the new fabric.