It's Sunday Update Time Again

I had good week stitching wise. I made significant progress on both the TW Peacock Tapestry and the 2008 CWC Hummingbird. As I posted yesterday I also finished 2 Christmas Ornaments and 1 dishcloth.

The Hummingbird is close to being finished:

I finished all Eyelet Diamonds in the border and started filling in the bottom border on the Peacock Tapestry.

I joined the Stitching Exchange Blog the earlier this week and yesterday received the name of my partner for the "Ready for Spring" Exchange. I spent part of yesterday deciding on what I am going to stitch and getting the fabric and threads together. I am planning to start stitching on it later today.

Happy Stitching!!!!!

(Edited January 31st to correct link for Stitching Exchange blog.)


  1. Hey Loretta!

    Check out this blog post over at Dip Diddly Designs:


    Since you have quite a bit of it done already, you may be interested in this opportunity!

  2. Beautiful Hummingbird and Peacock Tapestry has always been a favourite of mine - yours looks fantastic.

  3. Jules - I checked that link out! Wow, that person who is commissioning the job has to be more realistic in the time she expects it to be stitched. With all the colour changes and backstitching I don`t think 2 months is long enough even if that is all a person is working on. I have been working on mine off and on for over 10 years so I don`t think I am ready to start another one. Thanks for the link, though.

  4. That Peacock just blows me away! It's gorgeous!

  5. Great progress on your Peacock! Love the hummingbird too...hope you finish it soon.

  6. Great progress and such pretty work!

  7. The humming birds look very pretty. My word your 'Peacock' will soon be strutting it's stuff across the lawns. Fantastic progress.

    Happy stitching to you


  8. Loretta, the peacock is amazing!!
    You do beautiful work :)

    Louise in NC