Stitching Projects for January

The following are the projects I will be stitching in January:
2008 Buff-bellied Hummingbird (Commerative Hummingbirds of the World) © 2008 Crossed Wing Collection
Twas the Night Before Christmas © 2004 Little Old Me Designs - Michele Harper (A Gift to members of the Designers Message Board - Needleworkers Haven)
Peacock Tapestry - Teresa Wentzler © 1999 Leisure Arts, Inc.
Christmas Ornaments:
Twelve Days of Christmas - Day Three © 2003 Teresa Wentzler, TW Designworks (This is for my brother. I stitched Day One and Day Two for him
already and I promised this year to get the rest of them done.)
Mouse King - Winter Holiday Nutcracker Ballet © 2008 Mill Hill
Believe - Winter Greetings Charmed Ornaments © 2008 Mill Hill
While searching for links I came across a pattern that I need to add to my Wish List. It is gorgeous.
Sabrina - Mirabilia
Current Read:
Dr. Zhivago - Boris Pasternak

All the Best in 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!

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