Sunday Update

Time for another update. I am going to try to post updates every Sunday.

I am working on the "Twas the Night Before Christmas" as part of the Christmas Design SAL. I will only be stitching on it the first week of each month. I figured out that if I stitch one stanza of the poem and one motif per month I will have it completed well before Christmas this year. I should even have enough time to have it framed. I completed the cherry motif last Sunday afternoon and now the project is on hold until the next week of February.

I have continued to work on the Diamond eyelets on the Peacock Tapestry and have them almost done.

I am really enjoying working on the CWC 2008 Hummingbird. I should have it finished in no time.

My ornaments are coming along great and I should be able to post pictures of them finished by the end of the month (at least 2 of them if not all 3).

I start on my 2nd Dishcloth (Monthly Dishcloth KAL) for the month yesterday. If all goes well I should be able to post a picture of it next Sunday.

Happy Stitching.


  1. You have been very productive!! Great progress on all of your projects. keep stitching....

  2. All your projects look great!

    The eyelets on PT look great.

  3. The rota sound great. I hope you can finish the Christmas poem in time! The closer it gets to being finished the easier it is for me, anyway!

    I should pull out my bird and give him a little work...your eyelets look great! Every time you show this piece it makes me want to stitch mine, lol!

  4. You have been busy - love all of it!

  5. Looks good, Loretta! You are way more productive then I am. I was thinking the other day I should dig out Twas The Night Before Christmas......

  6. Wow, the Peacock Tapestry is beautiful.