Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before I pack away my decorations for another year I want to thank my stitching friends - Bernadette, Glynda, Ann, Debbie and Shelley - for the lovely ornaments they sent me for Christmas.

They are all so lovely and I look forward to displaying them again at future Christmases.

There was one sad note. I took part in a Christmas Ornament Exchange at wXSw. After waiting several weeks for a package to arrive, it finally did on Friday all the way from Croatia. Unfortunately, the evelope opened in transit and all the contents except for the 2 counting pins (pictured above in the right hand bottom corner) were lost. My partner posted a picture of the contents in the group's photo album. The stitched pieces were beautiful and I feel so bad for Loredana that her wonderful work is gone.


  1. I hate that you didn't get the exchange - sounds beautiful! But the Christmas ornies you did receive are lovely!

  2. Love all of your ornaments. Too sad about your package!