A Mini Holiday and some Stash Shopping

My DH and I made our annual trip to the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort this week. We spent 3 nights there. We absolutely love this place. The weather this year however was not that great. Our view from our room went from this

to this during the time we were there.

It has gotten significantly cooler here at home (I had turn the heat back on) but at least we didn't get any snow.

We got back home last night and today we did some errands which of course meant popping into my favourite LNS - Kathryn's Stitching Studio and of course I couldn't walk out empty handed.

I have been looking for awhile at the Scissor Sitters from Puffin & Company and decided to pick one up today. I chose the one with the cute little puppies.

I also picked up another MH Ornament Kit - "Nice"

and a Blue Ribbon Designs chart called "Small Token of Affection"

Well that's it for now!!!!!!!

Happy Stitching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Glad you had a lovely spa trip.
    Pretty new stash to play with , the little scissor sitter is just adorable.

  2. Happy stitching also to you with so nice treasure you have bring after a nice holiday, well, I'm asking myselft if the summer will come soon, as neither the spring is here. I'll come back. Regards from Loredana.