An Update with Picures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finallly!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, it has been a week since my last post but I finally have some pictures to post. First, are the TUSAL pictures from May and June. I know I am a tad late!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will see mostly pinks at the top as the only stitching I have done in the past 2 months is on KK Naptime Dragon.



The following is the new SAL from Helga Mandl. It is in 2 parts and I actually managed to finish the first part over the weekend. The 2nd part will be released this Friday.

Cherish Each Day ©2010 Helga Mandl

The next picture is of my progress on the Kustom Kraft Naptime Dragon as of last week. As I mentioned earlier I am still on part 1. I love the colours in this piece and I can't wait to start on the dragon.

The final picture is one of the dishcloths I knitted in May. It is called Sea Waves. I will post a picture of the other one tomorrow. (I forgot to scan it when I did the others.)

Sea Waves © 2008 Andi Worthy

I can report now that after over a month Julia finally received the LHN Strawberry House chart she won. She would have received it a lot sooner if I hadn't forgotten to write her street name on the envelope. Ooops!!!!!!!!!!!!! She contacted me after a couple of weeks to say that it hadn't arrived which really surprized me since most things I mail to the States takes only week. A couple of days later the package showed up in my mailbox. I spent about 30 minutes complaining to my DH about the postal service before I realized that I made the mistake. I put back in the mail the next da y with the correct address and now she has it. I hope she enjoys stitching it as much as I did.

Happy Stitching/Knitting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. They are all so colourful! :)

  2. Lovely stitching! I like those pinks, and your dish cloth ~ love the colors in it. Wish I could do that.
    I still need to take a picture of TUSAL and do my Helga piece.
    I am waiting for some new threads Sullivan's. They have used a better grade of cotton and duplicated all of DMC colors and they will only be sold in LNS'. The cost is about 34 to 36 cents per skein. They shouldn't fray like DMC's do and the dye lot should be a little better. So I am going to stitch Helga's in those threads.
    Come by my blog http:// theflyingitchesneedle.blogspot.com in a few days and I will have it posted and you can take a look at the new threads.
    God Bless ~

  3. Love the colours in your projects...gorgeous!

  4. Lovely WIPs The pinks are great. Your TUSAL looks to be doing well, very artistic it'll look when full.

    Happy stitching to you.

  5. Hello dear, the time is hurrying, and I was sixtie on the 21th and the last they of working, and from the 22th started with the new life of retirement. Your works are so nice, especially the one with so nice lilac colours. Regards from Loredana.

  6. Lovely stitching. The colours are beautiful