Day 2 - Crazy January Challenge 2011

For the challenge today, I decided to stitch #132 Merry Christmas from Waxing Moon Designs. This leaflet contains 2 charts and I intend to stitch both. I found this leaflet a couple of years ago at my LNS. I just went in to browse and saw it displayed on the counter. I couldn't resist it and bought it along with the red fabric (32ct Ruby Wine Belfast Linen) displayed with it. It is done all in 1 colour (I am using DMC 5200) so it should stitch up fairly quickly. I am not using the Belfast Linen but a piece of 28ct linen that I had in my stash and is very similar in colour. The Belfast is an 18 x27 cut and I didn't want to cut it up just yet. I want to find something else to stitch on it.
Here is what I stitched today:

Take care and Happy Stitching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Great start! It shouldn't take too much time to finish once the 15days are over.

  2. These both designs looks really pretty and you have made a great progress.

  3. Freat start love the colours

  4. Great start! i love the white on red.